Acrylic Keychains Issues:

Q:How thick are your custom keychains?

A:The acrylic on our custom keychains is 4 mm thick.

Q: Do your acrylic charms come with a Accessories?

A:You can choose from over 8 choices and you can also choose not to buy the accessories.

Q:How are acrylic charms packaged?

A:Acrylic charms are packed in opp bags by default, you can also choose to customize the packaging separately.

Q:Do acrylic charms have protective film?

A:Yes, every acrylic charm includes a clear, protective film to prevent scratching.

Q:What is the minimum order quantity and the maximum order quantity for acrylic keychains?

A:The minimum quantity for acrylic charms is 3 Pcs,We don’t have the maximum order quantity.

Q:What are the minimum/maximum sizes for acrylic charms?

A:Acrylic charms sizes are from 1” to 4”.

Stickers Issues:

Q:Are your stickers weatherproof?

A:Yes, our custom stickers are weatherproof. They are able to withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. Our stickers are coated with a protective layer that makes them super durable and fade and water resistant.

Q:What is your MOQ for stickers?

A:We offer custom stickers starting from just 50 pieces.

Q:What are holographic stickers?

A:Holographic stickers are stickers printed on unique vinyl with an eye-catching rainbow effect that changes with light and perspective.

Holographic stickers are just as sturdy as our original stickers, but add an iridescent sheen.


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