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Custom Clear Acrylic Keychains

AOT Eren Chibi Cat

It’s very prefect!! Thanks so much! Next time I will think pick my draw :)

Custom Clear Acrylic Keychains
Nicholas Mihailovic
Acrylic keychain

These key chains are amazing. I ordered some of a character from a children's book I wrote and everyone wants one! They love these!



Custom Keychains

It came in a nice packaging and the quality is great! I will definitely be buying again.

fast shipiing

Exactly what I asked for!

Custom Clear Acrylic Keychains


I’m so happy with how it came out! Plus they emailed me to confirm my notes on the design, and absolutely nailed it!! Thank you Pdodo!


sent me random keychains

Dear Customer,
Thanks for your patronage.
Could you please send us the photo of item?
We will check it, if it is true that we sent the wrong one, we will compensate you or resend the right one.
Thanks for your time.

Great quality at an amazing price!

My Custom Clear Acrylic Standee arrived in perfect condition with no issues at all! The quality of the image is exactly like how I uploaded it. Colors and details are very crisp and clear! The way it was cutout is perfect and looks amazing! I'm very happy with my purchase! If you're looking for a custom acrylic standee, Pdodo's site is very easy to use and the quality of the product is spectacular!

Absolutely amazing

These keychains are so adorable, and I’m really happy with how they turned out


They turned out beautiful and showcases my art so well


They came out so cute! And they’re free so there’s no complaining about it. I like that you can pick the clasp you want too! :) Would recommend participating!

Nice but arrived scratched

All the items in my order were well made but the pin was scratched.

Sorry to bring you unpleasant.
There is a protective film on the surface of each pins, you need to tear off this protective film, so that it will be very bright.
Thanks for your support!


Loved my items! They’re Amazing

fast shipping

This trapstar tops are exactly what I want. I love them and highly recommend them. I will buy again. This customization is very convenient, just upload the pattern, they will come to me to confirm the printing position, and then send it to me soon.


like this hoodie very much!! good fit! good quality. just need to submit image, they will send a hoodie in good way

Epoxy keychains

They turned out amazingly

Acrylic keychains

Some came a little chipped and dirty, other than that print quality was great, with great shape. One big thing that there was a very long wait from order to shipped where it passed the quotes 12 or 15 business days timeframe, took around 19 to 22 business days to hear anything. Shipment to Australia is okay

Epoxy keychains

Loved the way the items came out! They look amazing

Custom Clear Acrylic Keychains
Chrysanthemum Puhl Johnson
Great Products and Customer Service

I contacted customer support before placing an order because I needed to make sure that I would meet my deadline. They were very understanding and helpful and assured me that I would receive it in time. I got them well before my deadline and they look amazing! I will definitely be returning for more.


Absolutely gorgeous the shine my keyrings have is amazing and it has such good print quality on my image!

Custom Clear Acrylic Keychains

Would recommend IF you're willing to wait a while

Colors: 9.5/10, just be careful with dark colors.
Production time: 4/10
Customer service: 10/10, very helpful!
Shipping: 10/10
Overall, I would say Pdodo is a good website to order keychains from, this is my first time ever buying them, so I was really nervous, but it turned out fine!

The keychains came wonderfully, after you take off the protective film they're gorgeous, the colors are bright and they print beautifully. I would advise others to be careful with darker colors though, they practically printed black on the keychain, but it was a mistake on my behalf for coloring the art as such. The reason I would rate them 4 stars rather than 5 is because it took about a month after my initial purchase for their production to be finally done ( I had merely purchased four keychains to see how the quality would be ). There were no problems with the shipping at all, simply a longer production time than the 7 days stated on the websites FAQ. The customer service is wonderful though, I was really anxious about the order and they were extremely helpful.


These are fantastic for the price. I was extremely pleased with everything overall! Arrived rather quickly once they were shipped and honestly, i can’t wait to get some more!

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