01.Confirm type and Technique

Select the type and technique of the product, and customers can provide DIY artworks for customization. The artworks are based on a solid color background. 300 dpi 1000x1000 resolution minimum for best results. CMYK is requested.

02.Clear requirements

Record the quantity, size, accessories, process and other requirements of customized products clearly in the form of documents. All files should be compressed and uploaded after the remarks are clear.

03.Negotiate delivery time

According to your product customization process and quantity, both parties agree on the delivery time. If there are special circumstances, we will inform you as soon as possible.

04.After-sales service

After delivery, we will arrange special after-sales service for the product. If you have any questions about craftsmanship, production and quality, we will keep in touch and make your satisfaction the purpose of our service.

Some prompts you need to know before customizing

Going Green: Environmentally Friendly Practices for Pdodo.

  • Choose from 100% recycled acrylics or responsibly sourced woods for a perfect eco-friendly solution to your merchandise needs.
  • Receive yourcreations within 15 -20 days.


Start using photos and unique designs to show your own creatives.

Our keychains

Traditional keychains


glitter epoxy
holographic(star/brocken glasses)
rainbow acrylic
colored acrylic
gold edge acrylic
8mm acrylic
glitter acrylic
hot stamping
luminous printing ink



Any idea can be customized at 1 Pc

50 Pcs and more


clear and bright                     epoxy on the surface - scratch-resistant

Scratches may occur after prolonged use

Customer Service

A single order quantity exceeds 100
One-to-one customer service with full consulting services



Complete Custom Guide

  1. How to Make an Order from Pdodo? Pdodo specializes in the production and processing of acrylic keychains, stand cards, stickers, phone cases and other products, as well as personalized customization services.
  2. Introduction
  3. Custom Inspiration
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