Pdodo VIP Introduction


Welcome to the Pdodo VIP family!


You will enjoy the greatest discounts and participate in rich VIP activities here.

We extend our greatest honor to every VIP and hope to offer you the best price!

Now let me introduce the gift of Pdodo VIP.


First Gift: 8% off unlimited usage

Yes, you can get the biggest discount. When you order at Pdodo, you can always get 8% off! (Yes, this is the biggest discount. Note that our prices are all affordable.)

Note: Shipping is not included.


Second Gift: VIP Coupon

You'll get $240 coupons. Every month, you'll get a $20 coupon. From the date of purchasing the VIP card, the validity period will be extended for 12 months.



The $20 coupon is valid when you order over $100.

Remember to come to our website every month to get your discount code~


Question: If I can use both the first and second gift?

A: Yes! You can use the current month's $20 coupon + 8% VIP discount. Since the discount system can only recognize one coupon code, you can enter the 8% coupon code and write the coupon code of USD20 in the order notes. Our customer service will manually refund you after seeing it. Or if you are not at ease, you can contact us by email to get your refund.


Third Gift: Free Blind Box

We'll be offering our hottest products in cute blind boxes.

Note: You can order a blind box with a blind box code, you can also put the code in the note.


Fourth Gift: Referral Newcomer Gift $40 Coupon

If you like Pdodo VIP and want to share it with your friends, welcome! We've got 2 $20 Coupon Gifts for you and your friends!


That is:

Introduce new people to join VIP, both parties will get $40coupons (2*$20coupons)

Note the registered email address of the introducer when purchasing.



(One $20 coupon is valid for more than $100;

2*$20 coupons can be stacked, for example: $200-$40; $300-$60)

So if you refer 2 friends to VIP, you can get $80 coupon; refer 3 friends to VIP, you can get $120 coupon...

Is it good? Find your friends now!


VIP validity period:

Pdodo VIP is valid for one year from the date of purchase.



When can I use it after I buy VIP?


Under normal circumstances, it is valid within 24 hours, welcome to contact us at service@pdodo.com.

When we see the message, we will deal with it as soon as possible.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us via email at service@pdodo.com and expect a response within 24 hours.

Email: service@pdodo.com
Facebook: @pdodo 
Instagram: @pdodoshop


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